Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope

GREATCARE Sprague-rappaport stethoscope features zinc chrome plated chestpiece, contour type brass chrome plated-binaural, soft and clear ear tips,  

double  22”PVC tubing.

Box content:

Sprague-rappaport stethoscope 1PC

Accessory Bag 1PC:

S, M, L bell;

Adult diaphragm, pediatric diaphragm.

1 set mushroom type ear tips; 1 set black plastic ear tips.

User Manual 1PC

You will find all these combinations are astonishingly well designed and their high sensitivities will enable 

you to clearly discern low and high frequencies and hear the faintest murmurs with ease.

Also spare eartips of 3 different sizes are furnished enabling the user to choose a pair that best fits him for 

comfortable use. They are packed in a compact small case put with 3 bell type chest pieces, and 2 spare 

transparent plastic diaphragms, large and small.