I.V Dressing

It consists of microporous non-woven fabric(Polyethylene film), medical hypo-allergenic adhesive and absorbent pad.

Performance and Characteristic:
• Permeability: non-woven cloth with mesh maketheskin breathe naturallyand excretewater, airand sweat, and also reducethe chance of infection.
• Adaptation: gentle and thinner material for improved confor mance to body contours and allowing a total liberty of movements.
• Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity for reliable fixation, not to irritate and hurt the skin when remove the plaster.
• No viscosity of the absorbent pad with perforated polyethylene film, high absorbent power, can absorb the effusion and it is treated on the surface to avoid sticking on the wound and to allow to remove it without pain.
• Softly Press the dressing around the insertion site, then release the PE protective film from PU film layer.
Range of Apply:
• Fix and care for Vein I.Vs and all kinds of cannulae and infusion lines.
Size: 6x8cm, 7x4cm etc.